How To Choose The Best Blenders For Smoothies

How To Choose The Best Blenders For Smoothies

Choosing the best blender can feel like a daunting task. After all, there are several models and brands to choose from.

A good blender can automatically enhance your smoothie making experience, making it a more enjoyable experience. Some important factors you should consider include durability, ease of cleaning and versatility.

Making a Fruit Smoothie With a Blender

If you are specifically investing in a blender to whip up delicious smoothies and fruit drinks, here are a couple of features you should look out for while choosing the best blenders for smoothies:

  • High Speed Motor: A powerful high-speed motor allows individuals to incorporate frozen fruits and vegetables while making delicious concoctions. High speed motors can effectively pulverize tough ingredients including seeds to improve taste and texture of smoothies.
  • Metal Base: Metal base units are more powerful and offer greater control compared to plastic base blenders. Plastic base units typically feature poor motor quality and less stability. This gives your blender the utmost stability it needs to make delicious smoothies.
  • Various Speed Setting: Invest in a high quality blender with various speed settings. Most blenders offer 3 different speeds that allow you to have better control on taste and texture. Additionally, while a ‘pulse feature’ may not seem like an ultimate must-have, it can be useful for chopping ingredients usefully. A high speed setting allows you to crush nuts and ice within a matter of seconds.
  • Pitcher Size and Material: Invest in a blender with a moderately sized pitcher. The minimum recommended size for a pitcher is 40 oz., select the pitcher size according to your convenience. If you like preparing soups and smoothies in large quantities, a big pitcher will be appreciated. A small pitcher may be best suited for users who live alone and only wish to prepare single servings of soups and smoothies.
  • Built for Daily Use: Making green smoothies can take a toll on most blenders, hence ensure your machine is durable and built for daily use. Invest in the best machine you can afford or else you will end up spending more on replacing your model.
Woman Making a Smoothie with a Blender
  • Glass vs. Plastic Pitchers: Blenders come with either a glass or plastic pitcher. While plastic materials are lightweight and easy to handle, they are prone to scratching and may not be suitable for dishwashers. On the other hand, glass pitchers feature improved appearance and are typically scratch resistant. However, glass pitchers tend to be heavy and may be difficult to lift on a regular basis. Choosing between the two usually comes down to one’s personal preference.
  • Long-Term Warranty: Invest in a high-quality blender that comes with a warranty. The longer the warranty is the better. A long-term warranty will encourage users to try out the blender for various tasks. Ensure the blender comes with a minimum 1-year warranty, especially if you are purchasing a pricy model.
  • Easy to Clean: Preparing smoothies can quickly become a messy endeavor, especially if you get the kids involved. Ensure the blender has removable attachments that can easily be tossed in the dishwasher. Keep in mind that touch-pads are easier to clean than scrubbing buttons. Smoothie residues can get caught up around switches and buttons, resulting in difficult clean up. Most models are dishwasher safe or can be conveniently left to soak in the sink.
  • Easy to Use Controls: Invest in a blender with easy to use controls. A complicated device may get difficult to use on a regular basis. What’s the point of a convenient blender if it will take you several hours to figure out how to use the machine. Ensure the instructional manual is easy to read and has enough information on how to use the device.

Tips And Tricks For Making The Best Smoothies

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to improve your smoothie making experience:

Blend in Stages

Switching to a healthier lifestyle? Consuming green smoothies is a great way to boost your nutrient intake. Green smoothies are packed with flavors and make a hearty breakfast that will keep you full for several hours. However, blending leafy greens can sometimes seem like a difficult chore if you are unable to get a consistent blend.

Woman Making a Fruit Smoothie with a Blender

Consider blending in stages to avoid leafy chunks. Blending in stages will help you achieve a smooth consistent blend. Simply toss in the liquid base and leafy greens and blend the mixture before adding fruits and other vegetables to the mix.

Use Natural Sweeteners

Are you trying to stay fit and healthy but satisfied with the taste of your milkshake or smoothie? Consider using raw natural sweeteners to prevent your drink from tasting bitter. Consider using naturally sweet fruits, such as mangos, cherries, pitted dates or ingredients, such as honey. Ditch processed sugars and artificial flavors if you want to curb extra weight gain.

Know Your Ingredients

Pineapples and oranges add a burst of sweet flavors whereas bananas are known for neutralizing bitter flavors. Strawberries, cherries and other berries also prevent your drink from tasting bitter and unpleasant. Consider adding a teaspoon of vanilla extra or some vanilla beans to the concoction.

Adding a couple of tablespoons of protein powder can also help to mask the flavor of bitter greens.

If you can’t handle the bitter taste of leafy greens, consider using baby greens instead. They have a milder flavor than mature greens. Gradually adjust the ratio of leafy greens until you have gotten accustomed to the taste. Adding herbs, such as mint, chives and garlic is also a good way to boost flavor in your green smoothie.

Baby Greens on a Plate

Experiment More Often

Some manufactures include recipe books that can drastically improve your smoothie making experience. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite ingredients every once in a while. Randomly toss whatever ingredients you have – you may be surprised by the results.


Here are a couple of tips and tricks you should keep in mind the next time you are preparing smoothies at home and while purchasing a blender. Good luck!

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