Life After The Smoothie, How To Clean A Blender

Life After The Smoothie, How To Clean A Blender

It doesn’t matter what you’ve made in your blender, when it comes to cleaning it, it’s something that we aren’t really excited to do. Who really wants to stick their hand in there and possibly cut themselves on those sharp blades?

We certainly don’t! But, we can’t deny our love of smooth and creamy concoctions, be they a creamy soup, nutritious smoothie, or that perfect margarita!

We’ve got the must know rules on how to clean a blender that you’ll wish you had known sooner!

How To Clean A Blender Under 30 Seconds

If you’re going to be cleaning a blender that you just finished using, all you have to do is fill the blender up about half way with hot water. Add a few drops of your preferred dish soap and put the blender back on the base.

Once the blender is on the base, put the lid back on and hit the “Pulse” button a few times. This will agitate the soapy water and it’ll clean all around your blender without ever having to take it off.

Do keep in mind that this shouldn’t replace deep cleaning every once in a while because there may still be stuff under rubber gasket. This is basically a quick clean in between blending tasks.

How To Brighten The Glass/Plastic

As you continue using your blender, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look as clear or shiny as it once did. Instead of just dealing with it, there is a simple trick that you can do that’ll make the blender look less dull. How do you do that?

Clean A Blender with Vinegar

Just by adding a couple drops of vinegar to your warm soapy water, that hard water build up will be a thing of the past! If you don’t want your blender to smell like vinegar, you can also use a coarsely chopped lemon instead of the vinegar.

How To Clean A Blender That’s Been Sitting?

Sometimes when you’re in a rush, you don’t have time to clean your blender—even if it only takes 30 seconds. In situations like this, how do you get the dried on gunk off of your blender?

You’ll find that if you soak your blender in warm soapy water with a bit of white vinegar (or even Oxi-Clean will work). Let it soak for a few hours (or overnight if the stuff is really one there).

Blender Cleaning after sitting

After you’ve let the blender sit for a while, you’ll then want to rinse it out. Fill it back up with fresh, hot soapy water and blend it. This should remove the remaining stuff from the blender. If the food was especially caked on, you might have to hit it with a scouring pad to remove the remaining food.

How To Clean The Small Spots

What happens if you’ve let the blender soak overnight in hot water and there are still some dried up food in the cracks between the base of your blender and the glass or plastic container?

Are you just going to have to deal with this dried up mess? Of course not! It’s going to take a bit more work, but it can still come clean.

Cleaning a really tough blender

In these situations, you will want to remove the blender from the base and then soak the two pieces in hot soapy water. If the food is especially tough to remove, you may need an old toothbrush to get in there and scrape it off.

You can use a bit of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to loosen up these dried bits. Just make sure that if you use these to clean your device, you rinse them thoroughly before using again.


Cleaning a blender is incredibly easy—so much so that it can be done with just hot soapy water and 30 seconds. While this quick clean up isn’t going to be the way you always clean your blender, but it can be your cleaning method of choice in between those more in depth cleanings when you take everything apart.




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