Blendtec vs Vitamix: Who Wins Battle of the Blenders?

Blendtec and Vitamix are two of the most recognizable brands in blending.

But which gives the better bang for the considerable buck involved?

Below, we're going head-to-head, Blendtec vs Vitamix, to answer the question. We'll take a look at technical considerations, along with aesthetics and cost.

Read on below to find out who wins the Battle of the Blenders!


There actually isn't a lot of difference between the two brands when it comes to horsepower.

That said, Blendtec does edge out Vitamax in most models. Generally, Blendtec is rated around the 3HP mark, whereas Vitamax tends to hit 2HP.

But it's hard to consider this a victory for the Blendtec. Both blenders come with enough HP to comfortably destroy a modern smartphone. That means they're unlikely to have any problems blending the average smoothie!

Past a certain point of horsepower, the end result is largely the same.

Neither model is going to let you down with the raw power it has available. Don't let marketing hype sway your opinion here.

The difference in horsepower is negligible. Unless you're blending some unusual, inedible ingredients, both devices should offer more than enough for your needs.

Style and Design

Both brands wear their cost pretty openly. There isn't a lot between them except when it comes to personal aesthetics, especially in the most recent generations.

When it comes to more legacy models, however, there is one stark difference between the two. Vitamix blenders have historically been on the tall side. This means they don't fit snugly under a kitchen cabinet.

This has never been an issue with Blendtec. So if you're picking up an older design, you might want to think about where you're planning to put it in the kitchen.


It's also worth considering the flashiness of the controls.

Vitamix's Ascent line is the first of their products to use digital screens, although they still use manual controls. Meanwhile, Blendtec is the forward-thinking brand with a tendency for touchpads.

Different styles will suit different users, so this one's a question of personal taste. The simplicity of manual controls, or the high-tech touch screen approach?

Noise Level

As high-tech blenders, Blendtec and Vitamix are both loud.

They're much louder than smaller portable blenders. Mostly, that's just a consequence of the science involved.

But the Blendtec Professional line is the only one that has taken steps to lower its noise level. So if noise pollution is a concern for you, we have to give the edge to Blendtec.

Cost Difference

Cost is a huge factor for many people, so let's take a look at how it influences the Blendtec vs Vitamix debate.

Neither of these flagship brands is a cheap option for a blender. But by purchasing either a Vitamix or a Blendtec, you're paying for the extra quality. There are also refurbished models available for both. This means they're not out of reach for the cost-conscious buyer.

Both companies offer refurbished models direct from their site. That means you can trust the refurbishments made, which isn't always the case.

Of course, the actual cost will vary from model to model. If we take the Vitamix Ascent line as a benchmark, costs start around $460, and can go up to over $600.

Blendtecs can reach up to $1000 in their Professional line. But on average, there isn't too much difference between the two brands.

Ultimately, both represent a significant cost investment, but it's for a quality unmatched by other blenders. The option to buy refurbished makes both brands a lot more affordable than they might initially seem.

This additional cost gives them a surprising advantage over cheap blenders.

Both brands come with generous warranty cover. They're also built to last! So, a single spend could cover your blending needs for a decade or more.


Of course, if you're sinking a lot of money into a blender, you want to know that it's going to last.

There are actually a few changes to the warranty between the two companies that you may not be aware of. Vitamax now offers a standard 10-year warranty on their Ascent line, which is difficult to scoff at.

Other lines offer a 7 or 5-year warranty, with an optional purchase of another 3 years. Along with the warranty, there's a 30-day return period. Vitamax even includes return shipping.

Blendtec's offerings are covered by an 8-year warranty and the same 30-day return period. However, Blendtec won't pay return shipping.

Blendtec and Vitamax both fight hard to maintain their reputation. So, you can expect strong customer service from both companies in warranty situations.

Which Should You Choose?

These brands are both leaders in their field, so when it comes to Blendtec vs Vitamix, it's not simple. Rather, you should choose the right one for you. A few points to consider:

Cost Conservative or Bragging Rights?

If you want your blender for bragging rights and all the bells and whistles, then you're after Blendtec's pricier models. They cost about a grand. So, they're a definite statement in the kitchen.

Both sides offer more cost conservative models, but nothing from Vitamax lets you splash out in quite the same way as a Blendtec.

Classic or Modern?

Some people will always side with the traditional and easy over the flashy and futuristic.

Traditional users will enjoy the Vitamix for its knobs and dials. More tech-hungry users should consider opting for the Blendtec for its vision of the future.

Size Considerations

Small kitchen? Cramped conditions?

That could be the deciding factor for some users. In this case, Blendtec is the winner all the way when it comes to legacy models. Only Vitamix's most recent offerings are a good fit for limited kitchen space.

Blendtec vs Vitamix

So who wins the Blendtec vs Vitamix showdown?

Well, it's hard to say that we have a clear winner, here.

But if we've achieved one thing, it's to break down the differences for you to make an informed decision about which brand is right for you.

These two brands are evidence that competition is good for the consumer.

Be sure to follow our blog for more blending hints and tips.

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