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Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

Sometimes getting the right blender can be a challenge for some shoppers. High-end blenders are too expensive while cheaper brands break easily. However, there are still some blenders out there that are valuable and offer the most utility.

Shoppers often forget about the specific features of the blenders they are buying. This leads them to get a blender that might not meet up to their expectations. To avoid this, we'll describe the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender in complete detail and provide the most recent information.

Additionally, we'll use consumer's opinion to reinforce the information we've gathered. Throughout this article, we'll give you a detailed and accurate review on this blender because it provides the most value and utility for your money.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite

Meet the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender. It's an affordable, yet effective blender that's used to handle all of your kitchen needs. For instance, it's powerful enough to create smoothies, protein shakes or purees. Get this product if you need something that's easy to use and strong enough to blend the thickest of shakes.

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Hamilton Beach is the country's leading distributor of small kitchen appliances. Their primary goal is to create products at an inexpensive price for each of their users. When buying this blender, you'll be backed by the company's three-year warranty.

Because of this, you can rest assured that you're gaining a blender that's valuable and worth your investment.


  • 700 Watt Power
  • 2 Speeds
  • ​Stainless Steel Blades
  • ​No-mess pouring sprout
  • 40oz glass container

The Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Blender is designed for a myriad of tasks. The glass container the blender comes with protects it from cracking under extreme temperature changes. You'll like this product if you want something that's durable.

Results Gained

The first thing we've noticed when using this blender is its versatility. For instance, you can create beverages, smoothies, and shakes when using the Multi-Function Blender. When used correctly, it can create smoothies as efficiently as other high-end blenders.

Another thing that sets this blender apart from its competition is its pouring sprout. Most cheap brands have a simple lid that often leads to spills and accidents in the kitchen. This sprout allows for users to pour their favorite smoothies without creating a mess.

Get this product if you need something that creates high-quality drinks without the need to clean up each time.

What Others Say

Shoppers liked the blending capabilities of this product. Its 700-watt motor makes it easy to chop up basic ingredients to make shakes, smoothies and other beverages. The motor complements the blender's affordable price by being efficient at blending simple ingredients with ease.

But, consumers noticed the lack of motor power. While this blender can create good tasting shakes, the motor isn't as stable as brands such as Vitamix or Blendtec. This means that you aren't able to grind up dry things such as peanuts. Consider buying a blender with a stronger motor if this seems to be an issue.

Hamilton Blender



We think this blender still gets the job done. While it's cheaper than most brands, it offers the user an efficient blender for its price. It's a simple all-purpose blender that you'll want to have in your kitchen for basic tasks.

Maintaining Your Blender

Knowing how to clean your blender is very critical. While some high-end brands have features that make it easier to clean, the Hamilton Multi-Function Blender doesn't come with that luxury. To clean it, use a brush and soap to clear the dirty areas. Doing this helps extend the lifespan of this blender.

Blending Quality

Your blender's quality is dictated by the power of its motor. The Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Blender has a motor at over 700 watts. This means that it's a strong blender but will have a hard time blending dry foods (vegetables). Make sure to add water each time you use it to ensure that It blends your components properly.


To conclude, we believe that the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Purpose Blender is an excellent blender for its value. It's slightly under $35 but offers enough utility blend almost anything. Ultimately, we recommend this machine for people needing a blender that's affordable, versatile, and useful.

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