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Kenwood Hand Blender Reviews

What works for you in a blender or food processor? Your answer is probably reliance on your diet as well as cooking habits. Nevertheless, there are some pointers towards a good hand mixer that will matter to most people. Kenwood has come up with some amazing blenders as well as some not so good ones.

This article reviews some Kenwood models for different price ranges and a variety of features, such as a turbo function, immersion blender, balloon whisk, stainless steel blades, stick blenders, variable speed control, and much more to make them the perfect kitchen appliance for today’s modern world.

The Blenders In Question Are:

  • Kenwood HB724
  • Kenwood Tri-blade System Pro Hand Blender
  • Kenwood HB716 Blender

Kenwood HB724

The Kenwood HB724 was made to relieve you of a number of tasks in your kitchen, such as smoothies, soups, and everything else in between. As a result, it is equipped with 23 different functions. It uses Tri-Blade technology to cover more area for efficient chopping and blending.

Hand Blender HB724


  • Three stainless steel blades, this shortens the time it takes to blend
  • Comes with Puree masher, XL soup blending wand, metal balloon whisk chopper, and beaker
  • Light at 3.2 kg
  • 700W motor
  • 5 Variable speed settings and turbo mode
  • 0.75 L beaker and 0.5 L chopper attachment


​The patented XL soup pan blender with Tri-Blade technology performs superbly; it produces a smooth, consistent soup. Its size is well suited to pan blending. While you are using this blender, it can create suction and become harder to control. Also, the manufacturer recommends using it in short bursts to allow its powerful motor a little rest.


If you are tired of lumps in your mashed potato, you'll like the results of this blender. The puree/mash attachment passes the food through holes using its blades giving the mash a smooth consistency. It achieves the same smoothness when you puree cooked vegetables from carrots to baby food.

For creamier mixtures like eggs and you guessed it, cream, you use the whisk function. This feature is not as effective with denser mixes though. You might also find it cumbersome to hold on to the button while whisking—an “on and off” button is preferable.


For meat, vegetables, eggs, and herbs, the chopper proves very effective, no doubt because it has the Tri-Blade attachment and because of the power that Kenwood HB724 packs. It 0.5-liter bowl is not ideal if you have a large family though, you'll need to prepare food in small quantities. Also, you might find it hard to attach the chopper lid, a better measurement or design would have improved the chopper.


With all the functionality this blender offers, you wouldn’t be too frugal on space, it needs a little part of your kitchen to store its six accessories.


Kenwood HB724 is about $125. Its features go some way to justify this price tag.


If you are serious about your cooking, this might just be the blender for you with its efficient output and many functions. Once you are comfortable with using it and follow instructions, it will serve you for a long time.

Kenwood Tri-blade System Pro Hand Blender

Kenwood HB724 was the workhorse of its time and still beats many blenders on the market. Its successor, the Kenwood Tri-blade System Pro Hand Blender, takes performance to new heights. This later model has enough power to tackle even more challenging foods besides correcting a few weaknesses that are evident in its predecessor.

Triblade Kenwood Hand Blender


  • Variable speeds and turbo
  • 1000 watts
  • 1-liter beaker and bowl
  • Stainless steel Tri-Blade

While It Performs The Same Functions As The Kenwood HB724, It Has The Following Major Upgrades:

  • A larger beaker and chopping bowl; both are 1 liter, you can feed a few more mouths easily
  • Despite its added power it weighs a mere 1.08 kg and operates quietly
  • Increased power allows it to tackle tougher vegetables and foods such as frozen fruits

It does not overheat or need rest during use, which is a weakness of some powerful blenders among its predecessors.


You wouldn’t expect it to be cheap. It retails around $175.


The easiest way to summarize the Kenwood Tri-blade System Pro Hand Blender is to call it an upgrade on its predecessors. It has more power and is more convenient to use.

While the previous models offer a lot of functionality and power, this blender performs fewer functions though it uses 700 watts which is not modest. It blends and purees ingredients well, achieving the smoothness and evenness you desire.

Hand Blender HB716


  • 700 watts
  • 0.75 beaker attachment (no chopper attachment)
  • Variable speed modes and turbo mode
  • 2.3 kg
  • XL soup pan blender, wand
  • Blending and mashing

The effectiveness of this blender can be traced to the Tri-Blade technology which Kenwood employs in most of its blenders. The blades are effective with hard foods. While this blender comes with a beaker, wand, and soup pan blender, you can use it for mashing effectively. Its wand produces smooth puree; all these are facilitated by the 700-watt motor. The blending attachment has an extended body which makes it easy to blend food in a deep container.


You'll find this blender easy on your hands because of its comfy and easy to grip design. Added to its anti-splash feature, you'll find it agreeable to work with anytime. The Kenwood HB716 blender is easy to clean because most of its parts are dishwasher friendly, be sure to read the manual before you start cleaning. However, it is larger than most blenders which you would expect, since it has been around for close to a decade.

You'll also need to learn how to attach and detach some of its parts whenever you want to change say from blending to pureeing. However, once you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy using the blender. Another tweak that would help is a power button that you press on and later off as pressing the on button throughout tires your hands.


If you don’t use a lot of the functions that other blenders offer, this is your fit as it will usually only cost under $100 on Amazon.


This is a powerful blender that will serve you well at a low price, especially if you don’t cook a lot.


Kenwood has a variety of blenders which perform well mainly because of their Tri-Blade technology

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