How To Make A Milkshake With A Blender

How To Make A Milkshake With A Blender

When the weather gets warmer, people love a good frozen treat that will help keep them cool. One of most popular options is the good old milkshake. These treats can be your plain chocolate or vanilla, you can also make your own crazy concoction when you know how to make a milkshake with a blender.

How To Make A Milkshake With A Blender:

  • Put the glass you’re going to use for your milkshake in the freezer. This is going to make it nice and cold so the shake doesn’t melt prematurely.
  • Before you start scooping ice cream into your blender, you want to make sure that it is soft, but not too runny. This is a crucial step in how to make a milkshake with a blender because if your ice cream (or frozen yogurt) is too hard, you’re going to have to add more milk than necessary, which is going to thin your milkshake.
  • ​Take three to four scoops of your favorite ice cream and put inside your blender. You’ll then want to add about two to three ounces of milk. Blend the mixture together for a few moments until it is smooth.
  • You can also add your favorite mix ins during this step too. You do not, however, want to add ice to the milkshake because it is going to thin it down, but also water it down.
  • Take your chilled glass out from the freezer and pour your homemade milkshake in it. You can top it off with whipped cream, sprinkles, cookies or candy if you’d like.

Note: If you want to make a boozy milkshake, you can follow these steps, but instead of milk, use your favorite liquor. This technique works especially well with Mudslides and the like.

Pouring Chilled Home Made Milk Shake

How To Make A Milkshake With A Blender: Tips And Tricks

When you want to take your milkshake creations to the next level, you may want to give one of these suggestions a try:

  • If you want an intensely flavored milkshake, try combining two or more flavors together. While everyone knows the classics like chocolate and peanut butter, or strawberry and banana, why not be a little more adventurous by adding something tropical into the mix.
  • Add a bit of pepper to your strawberry shake. It may sound crazy, but that little spice is going to give your shake an exotic twist that you may not have known you were missing.
  • Instead of using ice cream, try using frozen fruit and some ice. You’ll still get a thick and creamy shake consistency without those extra calories. Strawberries, bananas, cantaloupe and honey dew are great for this.
  • You can also use non-dairy alternatives to make your shake. We do want to mention that some of these ingredients are going to be harder to blend than ice cream, but when you blend it slowly, you’ll be rewarded for your patience when the whole process is done.
Non-Dairy Milkshake

We’d love to know what kind of milkshakes you like! Leave a comment below and let us know what crazy shakes you’ve had or like making!

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