Using a Personal Blender

Reviewing Some of the Best Personal Blenders of 2017

Making healthy smoothies out of fruits and veggies is an easy, fun and delicious way to get fiber and vitamins into your diet.

But if you want to take full advantage of blending, you need a good blender.

There are a wide variety of personal blenders available this year that are perfect for anybody looking to get into blending.

So whether you like smoothies, milkshakes, or soup: check out these blender

Our Favorite Personal Blenders

There are plenty of amazing options on the market. But, the personal blender you get should depend on what you're planning to do with it.

Some people want to use their blenders to start their day with a healthy green smoothie. Other people want them so they can end their day with a tasty milkshake.

Still, other people are interested in making pureed soups and chowders. Using a blender made for one purpose is not great for others.

You'll also want to consider size and price point. Most of the blenders on this list are smaller in size. But a blender can cost you anywhere from several hundred dollars to under thirty.

That means there are personal blenders at any budget. These blenders have various price points, but we like them because they're the best for that particular price.

The 11-Piece Magic Bullet

We've talked before about how much we love Magic Bullet's blenders. If you're looking for a small and budget-friendly blender that can help you make high-quality snacks without breaking the bank, then there's nowhere better to go.

The Magic Bullet works by engaging in what it calls a cyclonic cutting zone process. By forcing the food to circulate in the blending area, it allows you to get a nice and even blend for your food.

You can use it to both blend and pulse food. That makes it perfect for foods ranging from soup and smoothies to salsa and guacamole. Overall, we highly recommend this culinary wonder device!

The Nutri Ninja-IQ BL482

Ninja blenders are some of the best models on the market. They're based on quality and firepower: traits that have made them essential for events that demand frozen drinks.

Ninja is also one of the best personal blenders on the market for creating desserts. That's especially true if you get it with the frozen treat accessory, which makes it perfect for making ice pops for your summer barbecue.

If you want a good ice pop recipe for a hot summer day, we recommend mixing orange juice with raspberries and pineapple. Add a little vodka or Bacardi to make a delicious adult treat.

The Ninja Blender isn't perfect. It's great for making frozen treats and delicious smoothies, but we wouldn't suggest using it to make pureed soups, particularly if there's a "bullet style" blender available as an alternative.

Oster Myblend Smoothie Maker

Some of the best personal blenders available are "blend-and-go" blender. These blenders allow you to have a drinking and blending apparatus all in one.

This is perfect for those of us who don't like to choose between eating healthy and getting to work or class on time when there's a busy morning. If you want to make a green smoothie when you wake up, just get it ready and get ready to go.

The problem with a lot of blend-and-go personal blenders is that they make you choose between convenience and quality. One of the best things about the Oster model is that you don't need to make that choice.

This is perfect for anybody who wants a high-quality blend on a budget. It's a lot of fun and makes some delicious stuff.

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve

Like the Oster Myblend smoothie maker, the Hamilton Beach single-serve is one of the best blend-and-go personal blenders available. Offering quick durability for anybody who wants to make a fast-frozen drink on the go is something awesome that you can get out of this one.

In the Hamilton Beach blender's case, there's a huge benefit found in the model's ability to fit in car cup holders. This is perfect for those of us planning to drink our smoothies on the way to work or another event.

Blend-and-go items are great, but they aren't perfect. You should avoid using blend-and-go personal blenders to make pureed soups or salsas, as the relatively simple design of the devices cannot handle these foods.

Still, when it comes to making milkshakes and smoothies, these are great. You'll love the wonder and convenience that comes with either the Hamilton Beach or the Oster model.

Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender

Blending is good for you. You'll live longer and have more energy during the day by starting it with a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables. But if you're an early riser and live with people who are not that may not matter.

You shouldn't have to sacrifice the sleep of others and your own breakfast. For years, we've looked forward to a time that we could start our day with a green smoothie and end it with a

For years, we've looked forward to a time that we could start our day with a green smoothie and end it with a frozen daiquiri without waking up our roommates.

The vita-mix quiet one blender makes that dream a reality. Being able to make an amazing smoothie while producing no more noise than a quiet hum makes it perfect for anybody who wants to have a good diet while being a good roommate.

More Blending Tips

We love blending. Check out the wide variety of tips we offer on the many ways to use the most wonderful kitchen appliance.

We can offer you tips on everything from making pureed soups to choosing the right blender. And if you download the e-book in the sidebar, you can find some amazing recipes for whatever device you choose.

If you're overwhelmed, don't worry. Start here to blend with us!

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