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The 5 Best Food Processor/Blender Combos

Buying anything new for your home can be quite a daunting task, particularly when it comes to kitchen appliances. Consumers are constantly being inundated with information about new products through television & radio, social media, and web-based platforms.

The technology is continuously changing and improving. Now there is a relatively new hybrid blender food processor combo appliance that combines the multiple functions of blending drinks and smoothies with processing, dicing, and grinding firmer foods as well.

These blender food processors can be incredible time savers for the busy mom or working professional and help save some space in the kitchen. So how do you make an educated purchase and ensure you are making the correct choice when purchasing a new blender food processor combo in the market today? We have selected and reviewed the top 5 brands to help simplify your buying decision.

This sleek, imported Australian-made food processor blender combo retails for around $500 and is, by far, one of the most expensive yet also the most attractive small kitchen appliances on the market today, manufactured in die cast metal, with a modern finish.

It boasts an incredibly powerful 1200-watt motor in blender mode and a 750-watt motor in food processor mode which operate in one of 5 speeds. The blender and food processor parts sit on an easy to clean, interchangeable base and also includes useful accessories such as a froth separator, filter basket, and blending guide for easy-to-follow tips for use and recipes.

The Breville is easy to disassemble for fast clean-up, although this food processor blender is not dishwasher safe. The blades are made of sharp, titanium steel that takes no time to pulverize fruit and ice chunks into smooth, velvety drinks, and shakes in no time! The modern design looks great on any counter top and can go with just about any décor. Definitely worth the splurge!

The Cuisinart Elite retails for around $450, still on the expensive side as far as blenders go. It has a sleek, streamlined brushed chrome design, and is relatively lightweight. It is operated with blue, LED-lighted electronic touch pads. It also has a very powerful, 1000-watt peak motor, though still a little less forceful than its Breville competition.

It includes 2 sizes of processor bowls (one 12-inch and one 4-inch bowl) with handles and spouts for easy pouring without any spills. One extremely attractive feature is that the Elite comes with an impressive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, which indicates that Cuisinart stands behind its products and their ability to withstand the wear and tear of even the busiest kitchen!

The NutriBullet Pro is an updated version of the world famous Magic/Nutril Bullet line. This new model retails for about $200, which is much more affordable for the average consumer. Although the 900-watt motor is slightly less powerful than some other blender combos, the Nutri Bullet is considerably smaller than those blenders with higher-wattage motors and it only makes one portion per use.

This small, compact design, paired with minimal accessories, makes it perfect for single professionals and consumers who do not have a lot of kitchen space. It is incredibly easy to use, with Jet Push Technology, which allows the user to simply push down on the top of the blender cup until the food has reached its desired consistency.

The NutriBullet is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, as it is made of durable plastic with an attractive stainless steel base. It includes an informative book, containing recipes called The Pocket Nutritionist. Consumers really seem to enjoy that the blender cup transforms into a personal, on-the-go cup with a handle by simply changing the attachments. This little blender is small, mighty, and perfect for saving time!

The Ninja is another very affordable blender/processor combo, retailing for about $200 CDN, which is surprising because it also has a powerful, 1200-watt motor. It is considered a complete Ninja mega kitchen system and can perform a wide variety of functions from chopping, dicing, and blending fruit and vegetables and ice.

Although it has a modern black/stainless steel finish, the Ninja has a tendency to take up a lot of space because it is rather large and includes many accessories. Due to its size, the Ninja is capable of making multiple portions at once, making it an ideal product for families or large groups.

Like a small hand blender, it is easy to clean and also includes two, 1-oz to-go cups with lids for easy portion separation. Food processing will become a breeze and busy moms will love this food processor and blender combo!

We all like a good deal and if you do too then this is the best blender for your buck! The Diamond Blender retails at an extremely affordable around $150, but still boats and an incredible amount of impressive features and functions.

Although the motor is only 600 watts, it has a variety of different settings, such as “pulse” and “grind” and has a large, 60-oz BPA-free pitcher, making it still capable of crushing ice and food, only for a slightly longer amount of time than a blender with a more powerful blade.

The Diamond takes up very little counter space and is very easy to clean, with most parts completely dishwasher safe. The BEST feature that this kitchen gadget can brag about is the TWENTY different color variations to choose from!! Whether you’re into basic black or white, prefer something modern like red or chrome, or have a whimsical pink or yellow color scheme, there is a blender that will perfectly match your style and kitchen décor no matter what!

There are plenty more makes and models of blender combos and immersion blenders on the market today, but these 5 have definitely risen above the rest with their unique features and capabilities. Hopefully, your task of choosing the right one for you has been simplified and you find the right one for you from this list!!

Happy Blending!

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