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The Best Portable Blenders Buyer’s Guide

A portable blender or travel blender can be a great investment for many reasons. For novice buyers and those that are constantly on the move, a portable blender can be less costly and space saving as opposed to a regular size blender. Besides, portable blenders are specially designed for the on-the-go lifestyle with sharp stainless steel blades to ensure you get the smoothies you want when you want them.

 In fact, some come with extra travel cups to enable you to take your preferred drink with you for work or when hitting the gym. However, when you are in need of the best travel blender, there are a variety of factors to consider beyond just the portability aspect. This article delves into the most pertinent factors that define the best portable blenders.

So, What Do We Mean By Portable Blenders?

These days, there are many different types of blenders on the market. Hand blenders, immersion blenders, stick blenders, and food processors (for the older smoothie lovers amongst us) are all great in their own way. However, when using the term “portable blender”, we are, in essence, referring to small, lightweight, and personal electrical blenders that are most convenient for traveling and could also be referred to as travel blenders, rechargeable portable blenders, or personal blenders.

Portable Blenders

These portable hand blenders, though small, can still be classed as power blenders as they pack powerful motors to mix vegetables and fruits with ease into delicious smoothies. Also, being more compact, most operate as single-serve blenders for fast meals. Depending on the ingredients you can find, they can also help you create simple delicious soups or your perfect vacation tipple in the shape of margaritas or similar… all from the comfort of your hotel room.

Why Are They Necessary?

When we travel, we have a tendency to lose control of our eating habits. Also, during such times, finding the right foods is not always an easy task. Thus, the norm while traveling is sodas, milkshakes, junk food, and unhealthy snacks. Just buy your own ingredients and you are good to go… wherever you are!

If smoothies are a vital component of your diet and lifestyle, then it is out of doubt that you want to enjoy them wherever you go. Doing so requires that you carry your blender along with you. This will compete for your limited space and will also come as a huge inconvenience to you. Well, this will not be a bother anymore, thanks to portable blenders for travel.

Portable blenders for travel are especially great news for the health fanatics who cannot live without their protein shakes and smoothies. Besides, the best portable blenders are significantly beneficial and advantageous to parents having babies and toddlers. The ability to make their formulas and baby foods conveniently with this device provides them a huge relief.

The Purchase Considerations For The Best Portable Blenders

Though buying a blender in itself is not a hard task, but the availability of such a large assortment of blenders from a myriad of manufacturers can render the process quite challenging. There are numerous aspects to take into consideration, including performance, capacity, functions, appearance, and color. The blender you select will also be juice and blender based on your distinct requirements, tastes, and preferences.

juice and Blender

When you are set to commence your search, it is important to ask yourself some critical questions. For example, what will be your primary use of the blender? How much capacity do you need? How often will you be using it? Where will you store it? And what style of fashion suits your liking? Answering these questions will provide you a profoundly clear idea of what you are after and help you narrow down the field of prospects. After defining your requirements, make your final selection based on the information provided below.

Blender Power

Simply put, the more watts/horsepower the machine has, the more powerful it will be. There are indeed some advantages of choosing a powerful blender. With such a blender, your vegetable and fruit drinks will be smoother and creamier. The high power will also enable you to produce fresh peanut butter using peanuts. Also, you can crush ice cubes to obtain for frozen drinks.

Blending Speed

When making the selection, it is worth noting that the power of the blender is more important than its speed. You do not a blender having ten speeds. Most blending tasks can be handled with just three speeds and a pulse option.

Blender Jar

The jar or pitcher of your blender will undertake the funneling of liquid or food down the blades to enable even blending and mix. The selecting criterion here is in the material composition of the blender jar/pitcher. Common materials used include glass, stainless steel, and polycarbonate. The materials vary in their properties from one manufacturer to another; some are dishwasher safe, brake-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Blender Jar

Glass blender jars are much heavier than their polycarbonate counterparts but are also less resistant to scratch. Stainless steel does not break and may have a sleek look, but it is not transparent. When working with drink or food, wider pitchers are better and offer less clogging.

Blender Blade

The blades are either detachable or integrated into the pitcher. Detachable blenders are easier to clean even when making sources that are thick. However, the more the moving parts, the higher the risk of wear and tear, including leaks. The blades also come in various shapes, lengths, and widths as well. They can be 2, 4 or 6 pronged blades.

Jar Capacity/Blender Pitcher

Most blenders vary in jar capacity size, ranging from 40 – 64 ounces which translates to 1.2 – 1.9 liters. It is important that you buy the correct size of blender pitcher otherwise your blender may overflow. In deciding the best jar capacity for your needs, consider the portion size or family size. For instance, is the blender meant for baby food, preparing meals for the whole family, or entertaining friends?

In most cases, if you are traveling alone, a single serving and a go style blender is all you need. However, when traveling as a couple, a slightly larger blender with a two-cup capacity will serve you right. To travel comfortably, the blender still needs to be compact.

Blender Design

Most blenders come into two types: Countertops and immersions or handheld. Countertop machines offer greater jar capacity, more power, and overall versatility. However, they also occupy more space, both in use and storage. Immersion types are more convenient and come handy when traveling (allows you to blend in a bowl or pot). They offer less power but take up considerably less space.

handheld Blender

Ease Of Cleaning

When traveling, you may not always have the time, place, or space to clean your equipment. Therefore, easy cleaning is critical when buying the best portable blender. The other aspect to consider is the lid. While on the go, the last thing you want if for your smoothie to spill out of the cup and mess your bag. Therefore, the lid must always seal firmly and securely.

So, Which Is The Best Portable Blender?

It is evident that the best portable blender is more than the mere ice-crushing ability. When it comes to on-the-go needs, the smaller nature of portable blenders does not make them inferior to their larger counterparts in any way, shape, or form.

portable blenders

The best portable blenders are specially designed for your convenience—easy to clean, small enough to fit in a bag, yet sufficiently robust to handle your blending needs. Though there is no one-fits-all equipment, the selection criterion revolves around three primary aspects: Size, convenience, and personal preferences.

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