The Best Ways To Make Smoothies For Diabetics

Making healthy and tasty snacks is always important, though for some people, the healthy aspect is more important than for others. If you’re diabetic you need to know how to make smoothies that really are healthy rather than getting away with overly sweetened treats and too much sugar in regular foods.

Smoothies for diabetes can be a bit more difficult, but there are definitely plenty of recipes out there and they can be made with a whole lot of great blenders. In each of the recipes, you have to consider your blood sugar levels and so green smoothies, fruit smoothies made from frozen fruit, peanut butter, soy milk, or almond milk with added dietary fiber and protein powders, make for a good option and a healthy smoothie.

Not only will they help fight diabetes, green smoothies packed with leafy greens like kale or spinach, with a little Greek yogurt, fruit juice, or honey for that breakfast smoothie, they will also combat other potential diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and help balance blood sugar levels and blood glucose. You just have to know what you’re actually looking for in a healthy smoothie recipe and how to make it right.

Smoothies For Diabetics

best Smoothies

If you find yourself in a rush some mornings or afternoons and you just don’t have the time for a full meal or if you’re dieting even, smoothies can be a great option. Even if you are diabetic and have to watch the things you eat more carefully, having a smoothie can be great.

But you have to be careful about what you’re putting in them. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and more as the proper balance in the body is even more important if you’re diabetic. With so many different combinations there will definitely be some that you and your doctor can find that will work for you.

The most important thing is to make sure you load up on the healthy items and try to keep the sweet stuff out. If you put enough fruit and vegetables along with dairy and forms of protein you’ll probably get a sweet taste without having to add any extra sweeteners or extra carbs and calories that you definitely don’t want.

Keeping the correct blend in mind and making sure that you do this every time, you’ll definitely find a snack or even meal that perfectly fits into your day. For diabetics, these can actually be a great way to get the healthy vitamins and minerals that you need in a way that’s quick and easy.

Many meals that are recommended for someone who is diabetic are a little more complicated to create because they need to have specific nutrients rather than just having whatever you want for the flavor. It can take a little bit more to find the perfect combination of ingredients, but you might be surprised just how great it tastes and just how filling it actually is.

Why Smoothies Work

Smoothies for Diabetics

Smoothies are great because they give you a way to ‘eat’ a pretty balanced and healthy meal without having to actually take a lot of time out of your day.

Think about it, how long does it take you to eat your lunch each day? At least 15-20 minutes, right? And that’s if you eat as quickly as you can and run back to your office without even taking a minute to relax.

If you want a minute to yourself it probably takes 20-30 minutes at least. But what if you just don’t have the time and you’re trying to get things done? A smoothie can be made ahead of time easily because you separate out your ingredients and just put them in a blender. That blended mixture can then be frozen or left in the fridge for a few days so that it’s ready and waiting whenever you want it.

Even better, you can prepare your ingredients before you even blend them as well, which makes it a whole lot easier for you to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, at least in regards to your meal. Just take all of your ingredients and portion them out into one single smoothie (or however many you want for a single day) and then put them in bags. 

That way, when you’re ready, all you have to do is dump one bag into the blender with whatever milk product you use to bind it and you blend it all together. You can put the baggies together while you have a few extra minutes and then you’ll be able to just grab them and go when you find yourself in a hurry some morning before work or even while you’re at home but want a healthy and quick meal.

Smoothies work well for getting you through the day because they actually have a whole lot of nutrients in them that can help you feel energized, focused, and ready for just about anything. Of course, that all depends on just how you make them and what you put in them.

A smoothie loaded with fruits and vegetables will definitely be the best option, especially when you add milk and seeds for protein (or anything else you want that has protein in it). The fruit and vegetables get you a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, and even fiber. The protein helps you get the energy that you need to make it through the rest of the day.

Making Your Smoothie

Making Smoothie

The best thing that you can do is make sure that you carefully think about your ingredients before you start putting them together. Try to keep sweeteners out, which means sugar substitutes and even things like honey.

While they’re not going to take away all of the health benefits that go along with the rest of your ingredients, they aren’t going to add anything at all either.

And there are some negatives that go along with artificial sweeteners that aren’t going to be good for you. Use plenty of fruit instead, which have their own natural sweetness, and then combine them with plenty of vegetables that are going to add to your fiber as well as the other vitamins you need. All of these things are going to combine to create a great flavor that you’ll want to drink again and again.

Of course, you’ll want to look for different combinations that are going to keep mixing it up when you’re looking for a meal (no one likes to eat the same thing every day, after all). When it comes to binding everything together you can use water or ice to help but you’re going to make your smoothie more runny than you would with other ingredients.

Milk or even milk substitutes (if you can’t have a lot of dairy) are going to be a great option as well. They’ll help you pull that smoothie together and keep it thicker because of the thickness of the ingredients already. They’ll also help you get a little bit more flavor and even some added protein in the drink that can help you stay full a bit longer.

While some people aren’t so sure about smoothies for a meal, they can actually be quite healthy and quite enjoyable. You just have to find the right combinations that are going to taste great and still be healthy. With the help of your doctor, you can definitely do just that and you may even be surprised at what your meals and snacks turn into. That smoothie might just become your favorite part of the day. Whether you want a smoothie to eat as a snack or to have as a full meal, you’re definitely going to have plenty of options and ways to make it entirely your own.

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